Finland Tatar in Journal of Endangered Languages

Finland Tatar language was presented by Sabira Ståhlberg in Journal of Endangered Languages, in a special issue edited by Éva Á. Csató and Birsel Karakoç, Language Documentation in Comparative Turkic Linguistics (No. 13, Vol. 23).

The article is Open Access and can be read here. It contains documentation and linguistic analysis of a written article by Sadri Hamid (1905–1987) on saunas from the journal Ak yul (published in 1969), with old and modern readings by Fazile and Samil Nasretdin.

Ståhlberg, Sabira (2023). Finland Tatar. In: Csató, Éva Á. & Karakoç, Birsel (eds.), Journal of Endangered Languages 13, Vol. 23: Language Documentation in Comparative Turkic Linguistics. Ankara. 253–271.